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  • Leading Supplier of Data Security
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    Total Care for This Century's "New Oil" - Big Data
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Focused on Data Security

Customize data vaults, provide total care for data security, ensure rational and compliant access to sensitive data, minimize data breach risk.

Guarding Cloud Services

Deliver innovative cyber security solutions for cloud-based services, shield your cloud resources with indispensible protection.

Professional Consulting

Best-in-class service team to guard your core business with maximized security.

LeTour Technology

About The Company

As a new-generation security company, Beijing LeTour Technology Inc. is dedicated to product development and professional service in data security and cloud security. The company follows the philosophy of integrity, innovation and efficiency, in pursuit of craftsman's spirit.

Founded in 2009, LeTour Technology is headquartered in Beijing with branches in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Kunming, Urumqi and Hong Kong. The company has an elite team of R&D and security consultants with telecom background, who are seasoned and knowledgeable in both cyber security and customers' business. LeTour Technology is certified by Beijing Municipal Government as a high-tech. enterprise, holding independent intellectual property rights and patents.

Cyber security is the leading market in the whole IT industry, while data security is the leading field in the leading market. During its growth, LeTour Technology has chosen the most sophisticated field through its perseverance and inner seeking, striving for perfection. Employing big data processing and artificial intelligence technologies, the company has polished its best-in-class product lines.

Security Products

Firewall Integrated Management and Auditing System

Highly efficient, easy-to-use, conformance management system that controls hundreds of multi-vendor firewalls in large networks.


Anomalous Traffic Auditing System

A hardware-based, full line-rate DPI engine that analyzes large network data in the finest granularity and audits non-compliant access behaviors in real time.


Critical Information Risk Management System

Analyze business scenarios, define data classifications and levels, identify data values, exhibit data distribution, audit data breach risk.


Sensitive Data Management System

Provide finest-granularity management to the full life-cycle of critical data creation, manipulation, transfer, decryption and destruction.


Security Management Platform

The most comprehensive security governance platform with manageable, discoverable,controllable,maintainable and measurable capabilities.


Cloud Security Service Platform

Support different cloud architectures, provide efficient and reliable value-added security services, assisting cloud service providers to protect their cloud users.


Security Services

  • Access Control Auditing
    • Firewall Policy Analysis
    • Analyze the validity and efficiency of the complete policy set. For each firewall, identify its related services and audit the logic behind each policy. For all the firewalls in the network, analyze their policies in compliance with security zones.

    • Firewall Configuration Auditing
    • Audit configuration compliance with industry regulations.

    Web Security Service
    • WEB Security Detection
    • Provide comprehensive detection of web vulnerabilities and thorough verification of vulnerability effectiveness.

    • WEB Security Operation
    • Intercept newly discovered vulnerabilities, advise customers to wipe out vulnerabilities, assist customers to investigate website failures and provide solutions.

  • Data Security Auditing
    • Sensitive Data Recognition
    • Analyze the usage of sensitive data in customer's production systems, evaluate sensitive data breach risk.

    • Sensitive Data Auditing
    • Audit sensitive operations on core databases, file and host systems, alert non-compliant behaviors.

    Cloud Security Management

    Integrating different cloud security devices, Cloud Security Service Platform (C2SP) provides comprehensive cloud security services.

    • Cloud security services such as vulnerability scanning, WAF protection, anti-DDoS and authentication
    • Complete analysis of cloud events
    • Expert-mode active security detection